The registration cloning utility may be used to selectively clone one or more registrations across seasons but within a single membership year. Due to legal and procedural controls in place at AYSO, it is not possible to clone a registration from one season into another if they do not belong to the same Membership Year; the consent and waiver forms must be signed by the registering family for every membership year. For example:

  • Valid: Fall 2018 to Spring 2019 (both belong to MY2018)
  • Invalid: Fall 2018 to Fall 2019

The registration cloning tool was designed to support leagues that have "combination" Fall/Spring seasons where players may be registered for either or both at the same time. It allows a league to compartmentalize the seasons inside inLeague without requiring parents to return and re-register, and without the need for manually duplicating volunteer assignments.

Cloning a registration will automatically copy all related volunteer preferences for every adult in the player's family (e.g. a volunteer who is current for Fall 2018 and volunteered as an Assistant Coach in U12B will be made current for Spring 2019 with the same U12B coaching preference). If a volunteer is already current for the target season, their preferences will not be overwritten (e.g. if the same volunteer who selected Assistant Coach in U12B for Fall 2018 has already signed up for Spring 2019 as an Assistant Coach for U14B, the U14B preference will be respected and the U12 preference will not be copied). 

There are two methods to selecting registrations to clone:

Method 1: Clone Registration Utility (Utilities Menu) based on Responses to Custom Registration Questions

In the above example of a Fall / Spring season in which players are registered for either Fall Only or Fall and Spring, that selection is saved as a response to an inLeague "custom registration question" such that the system may easily pull all players who selected "Fall and Spring" while excluding those who selected "Fall Only." The interface for selecting players on the basis of custom registration questions is available from the Registration Cloning utility in the utility menu.

Method 2: Report Center (Show Bulk Operations) for any report of Registered Players

The result set of any report of registered players may be sent to the cloning tool by selecting Clone Selected Registrations from the Show Bulk Operations menu after running a report. The entire result set can be selected by checking the uppermost left-hand checkbox, or individual records can be selected for cloning.

Clone Options & Procedure

There are two optional selections for every batch of registrations selected for cloning:

  1. Include Player Team Assignments: If selected, all of the team assignments from any competition in which the origin registration belongs will be cloned into the target season, along with uniform number. If you only want to clone some teams, or if you want to transfer some player team assignments but not others (e.g. in some divisions but not others), you may either submit multiple batches of players from the report builder with different options, or else skip this option and use the roster cloning tool separately from the registration cloning tool.
  2. Include Volunteer Team Assignments: If selected, any team-level volunteer assignment (coach, assistant coach, or any assignable flex volunteer role) will be transferred for any team with a player assignment from the selected registrations. Note that this logic is different from volunteer preferences: any family member of a registered player will always have their volunteer preferences cloned along with the registration, but the only volunteer assignments that get cloned will be those belonging to teams where the cloned player has an existing assignment. Family members who coach teams that don't have any players being cloned will not have their team assignments transferred. 

After confirming the above options, inLeague will transfer the selected registrations into a batch and schedule it for immediate processing. This occurs in the background and you do not need to keep your browser window open. Depending on the number of registrations being cloned, the process should take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is it possible to have a parent return only to pay for a cloned registration, even if they do not have to complete the form? 
  • A: Not at this time. All cloned registrations are "zero-fee" on the assumption that the full fee was paid for the originating registration.
  • Q: Is it possible to clone just one or two players across Membership Years (e.g. Fall 2018 to Fall 2019)?
  • A: Technically, yes, but this is a legal and policy concern. The first registration in a new Membership Year must be an active process for the registering family.
  • Q: Do cloned registrations count toward my seasonal total with respect to inLeague's per-player fees?
  • A: If any fee was collected for the additional seasonal membership, whether initially during registration or via the event manager or some other means, then yes. Otherwise, no.

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