Player and Volunteer Registration

Registration can be reduced to two fundamental tasks: account creation and season participation. Account creation refers to the one-time entry of basic information such as name, date of birth, and gender - information that should not change from year to year. Season participation refers to the annual or seasonal provision of additional details specific to one season: volunteer roles, grade and school, and payment.

Although anyone may register as a new user from the login page, inLeague recommends using the registration portal as the entry point. The path to the registration portal is /User/Check at your league's inLeague instance.

Registration Setup - Division Setup, Opening, Closing, Registration Seasons, and Wait-List Cut-offs

Before opening registration, always check Division Setup under the Division menu:

  1. Close any divisions that you do not want for the selected season and open any that were closed if they should remain closed;
  2. Set division maximums, if applicable;
  3. Set the action to be taken when those caps are reached (close the division, waitlist, or no action)

Registration dates apply to player registration and are set from the Season Manager in the Control Panel. New users/volunteers may be registered at any time.

Once start and end dates have been set, Registration will automatically open on the start date. You may apply additional eligibility requirements by using Eligibility Rules, either for players or volunteers; if these are applied, only players (or families) satisfying the rule may register. 

The Wait List

A wait-listed registration is identical to a regular registration in every respect other than the wait-list indicator: payment is still collected the registration is considered 'active.' Families with wait-listed children will still appear on seasonal recipient lists and reports.

Wait List Cutoff By Date or By Division

The wait-list cutoff date in the Season Manager will apply to all registrations. Alternatively, you may configure Division Setup so that all registrations past a set number in that division will be wait-listed or rejected. This will override the season-wide setting.

If you prefer to wait-list only by division without a league-wide date cutoff, the wait-list date should be set to the same date as the registration close date.

Moving Players off of the Wait List

Assigning a player to a team will remove them from the wait-list. Wait list status may also be set manually from the player editor.

Volunteer Registration

New user registration, parent registration, or volunteer registration all refer to the same process:

  • Creating an account for the first time, either by registering as a new user or adding an adult from your family to your family profile
  • Reviewing your account in a new season to indicate paticipation in that season.

For example: 

  • new user account created during registration for Fall 2013 will enter their contact information and select their volunteer roles for Fall 2013 before proceeding to create and register children.
  • returning user created in Fall 2012 is not considered an active parent (or volunteer) for the Fall 2013 season until they review their user profile after Fall 2013 registration opens.  Doing so confirms season participation as well as any volunteer roles selected.

Player Registration

A player registration consists of two parts:

  1. The child record: Name, date of birth, and gender. Created the first time the child is registered and valid for the life of the child's participation in the program.
  2. The seasonal registration form - information that is collected each season, such as school, grade, and emergency contact. The form is submitted with the payment page and activated when payment is confirmed.

Registration Form Questions - Core and Custom

  1. Core registration questions are fixed by inLeague, typically because they are tied into system functionality.
  2. Custom questions are created and managed by each league. Their configuration is accessible by webmaster-level users from the Registration Config option on the Administrators menu. See below for additional detail.

Registration Configuration and Custom Questions

From the  Registration Config page, you can add or edit custom content to the registration process. Custom content can be additional questions with answers collected via form fields addiitonal instructions or HTML.  Features for custom content:

  • Custom content always appears below the standard registration form questions.
  • Content on the registration configuration page may be re-ordered by dragging and dropping a content box to its desired destination. 
  • Custom questions may be text fields, radio buttons, check-boxes or drop-down menus,
  • Custom questions may be designated as required fields and they may be designated as 'editable after registration,' which enables family members to update the value of the field after the registration form has been submitted.
  • Custom fields are automatically added to divisional registration reports.

Fees and Volunteer Requirements

Registration fees may be based on a number of factors:

  • Date of registration (e.g. early bird discounts or wait-list/late penalties)
  • Age of the player being registered
  • Multi-player discount
  • Volunteer status (opt out penalties or discounts for certain volunteer roles)

Leagues may also enforce volunteer requirements as pre-requisites to register, e.g. one volunteer code per family.

Contact inLeague Support to to configure your fee schedule or volunteer requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I use as a registration 'splash page'? What is the entry point for registration?

A: inLeague recommends that you outline the registration process for your league on your public web site and then direct them to /inleague/index.cfm/Registration/regStatus on your inLeague site.

Q: How do I set registration fees?

A: inLeague staff are responsible for the configuration of your league's fee schedule. Please contact

Q: How do I control the division to which players are assigned after they register?

A: The initial assignment is made according the nearest open division (under Division Setup) for the player's age group. Age group is determined either according to the school year or the calendar year (the "AYSO" year, beginning in 2016, rather than the July 31 cutoff that was used before then).  You may override a player's division after they are registered.

Q: Where are registration e-mail confirmations sent and how can I change the address?

A: Registration confirmation emails are always sent to the person submitting the registration. By default, the registrar email in the control panel will also receive a copy. You may disable the registrar copy or change the email address to which copies are sent from the edit page content link at the bottom of the family profile page. The entry labeled 'Optional List of Emails to CC Registration Emails' will be set to {registrarEmail} by default; you may delete '{registrarEmail}' to disable them, or change it to a regular email address (without the {curly braces} to send them somewhere else. You may also enter a comma-delimited list of email addresses, e.g., to have multiple copies emailed.

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