Eligibility rules allow you to define an arbitrary rule set for participation in a competition as a coach, a referee, or a player. Coaches that do not qualify will not be able to access their teams. Ineligible referees will not be able to see the competition (or division within a competition).  and players who do not qualify will not be available to be assigned to teams.

Access Control

Only webmasters, registrars, and competition managers in the player administrator role can create and assign eligibility rules. Referee competition administrators and referee schedulers may create and assign referee eligibility rules only. 

Creating an Eligibility Rule

Rules are created in the report builder. Any report can be saved as an eligibility rule:

  • Coach and referee eligibility rules must be Volunteer reports
  • Player eligibility rules must be Registered Children reports
  • You do not have to create the rule yourself to assign it to a competition; any authorized user under Access Control above can create one.

Once you have created a report with the desired rules, select Save as Eligibility Rule and give the rule a name - that name is how you will later assign the rule to one or more competitions.

Reports saved as eligibility rules are automatically refreshed every four hours. For instance, if you create a report of all Safe Haven certified volunteers for 2015 and save it as an eligibility rule, someone who was not certified at the time you saved it but later becomes certified will automatically become eligible after the next four hour interval.

Assigning an Eligibility Rule - Players and Coaches

Under Competition Setup on the Competitions menu, select the eligibility rules tab and you will see all eligibility rules created by all authorized users. Save the desired rule to the selected competition.

A competition may only have one eligibility rule for players and one for coaches; because the rule can be as complicated as the report builder can make it, any 'AND' and 'OR' rules should be handled there.

Assigning an Eligibility Rule - Referees

Under  Referee Setup on the Competitions menu, select Access Restrictions and you will be able to assign an eligibility rule either to the whole competition, or to specific divisions within the competition. Referee rules differ from player and coach rules in that they have the additional level of a divisional rule that will override the competition rule.

Alerting a User About Ineligibility

For referee rules only (at the moment), you may input text on a saved eligibility rule that will be displayed on the referee scheduler to notify a referee why they are ineligible and/or indicate the necessary steps for eligibility.


  • Q: I edited a user's record to make them eligible to coach according to the rule I set up and I don't want to wait four hours for them to gain access to their team. Can I force the report to refresh?
  • A: Yes! Go to the Report Center and expand the Eligibility Rules section. Find the eligibility rule you want to refresh and select the Refresh option.

  • Q: Who (if anyone) can circumvent eligibility rules?
  • A: Rules only apply to access granted to user from a coach assignment. If the division head of BU10 is also a coach in BU10 and is made ineligible, he or she will retain access to all teams in BU10 through the division director role. If the division head of BU10 is a coach in BU8, however, he or she will not retain access to that team.
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