Access Required:

  • Anyone may view the event calendar and sign up for events. Some events may be restricted to families with registered players, or players in a particular division.
  • The following access levels may add and edit events: Player Administrator, Volunteer Administrator, Registrar, Referee Scheduler, Commissioner
  • Anyone whose primary email address matches the contact email for an event receives administrative rights for that event, even if they do not have the above access levels.


The Event Manager is a simple calendaring and roster tool that enables administrators to create and manage events for their league. Event signups may be enabled for users, players, or both, and fees may be set for either users or players. Administrators may print event rosters or sign-in sheets as well as issuing coupons or refunds for one or more events.

Volunteer Points may also be assigned to event attendees.

Adding and Viewing Events

The Event Manager is accessible from the Events menu.

To add an event, select Add Events from the Events Index.

To view an event, click on the event's name in the table.

To edit an event, click on the pencil and paper icon next to the event's name.

To view an event roster or issue refunds, click on the magnifying glass icon next to the event's name.

Collecting Fees for Events

If you set a fee for an event, anyone signing up for it must pay via credit card before they can complete their sign-up. The event contact and the registrant will receive an email confirmation of payment.

Adding Registrants without Payment - Coupons, Scholarships, and Administrative Override

Administrators may add anyone to an event directly from the event roster even if the event has an associated fee. 

Alternatively, coupon codes may be designated from the event manager index. Coupons may be issued for percentages or fixed amounts and may have a limited or unlimited number of uses. Additionally, scholarships issued to families via the user editor may be configured to apply to all event payments pertaining to members from that family.

Signing up for Events

Access to the event calendar requires an inLeague account; it is not possible to sign up players or users from outside of inLeague. 

Google Calendar Synchronization

If your league has configured Google authorization as per Google Calendar Integration then any event may be added to any Google Calendar acceesible from that account. The name, time, date, and description of the event will be synchronized with Google Calendar when the event is added or updated.

Please note that the synchronization does not go the other way - changes made to the Google Calendar will not filter back down to inLeague.

Event rosters are not sent to Google Calendar.

Cancellations and Refunds

Individual refunds may be issued from the event roster by clicking on the invoice number next to the signup to be refunded. Signups may also be moved to other events, though doing so will bypass any restrictions on the target event: an administrator may move a BU8 player to an event restricted to BU12, for example.

Sign-ups may also be cancelled without issuing a refund, but doing so will preclude the ability to issue one later.

Volunteer Points

All volunteers registered for an event may be issued volunteer points from the event roster. Click on the 'Send users to Volunteer Points Assignment Page' button at the bottom of the event roster and you may specify a category and number of points for each user to receive. 

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