Testing: A demo instance is available at https://demo.inleague.org/inleague/index.cfm/Registration/regStatus. You may use the test credit card number 4111111111111111 on the payment page.

User Experience: Entry point into inLeague

Registration Status Page (Optional)

If you previously used the registration status page at /inleague/registration/pre-pre-register.cfm, there is now a similar portal page that will display registration status for current seasons as well as any registration period due to open within the next month.  The URL for this page is /inleague/index.cfm/Registration/regStatus and this page replaces /inleague/registration/pre-pre-register.cfm (which will now forward to this page). 

Returning vs. New Families Page

The 'front page' for parents coming to inLeague for registration now offers several features to guide users to the correct place:

  • Google Translate language selection is displayed prominently at the top of the page. It is still available from the footer on every other inLeague page. Most 'unlikely' languages were removed.
  • Splash page is clearly divided between instructions for returning families versus first-time registrants
  • Particular instructions given regarding existing accounts to try and prevent parents from creating new family profiles when their player(s) and other family members already have existing profiles

The URL for this page is /inleague/index.cfm/User/Check and this page replaces /inleague/registration/pre-register.cfm (which will now forward to this page). 

User Experience: New User, Edit User, Add User to Family

Previously, the new user and edit user pages combined static user details (such as name, street address, phone number, and email address) with volunteer preferences. These functions have been separated to behave more like players:

  • New Users will complete a First Time Volunteer Account Creation form for themselves and (optionally) family members; this form collects their email address, password, street address, and phone numbers.
  • After creating an an initial account, the Next Steps page recommends actions based on the user's status

  • If there is only one user in the family, the system will solicit (but not require) the addition of a second contact
  • If there are no players in the family, the system will prompt the user to add a player record.
  • If there are player records in the family, the system will provide a link to the updated Family Profile

Family Profile Redesign: Compacting adult,  player, and assignments tabs; adding support for concurrent seasons

The Family Profile has been rebuilt from scratch with two major goals:

  1. Present a streamlined view of volunteer and player status in one place without having to tab between screens
  2. Support multiple season views (e.g. Fall 2016 postseason teams are ongoing; Spring 2017 registration is open; Fall 2017 registration is also open)

Additionally, the medical release option in the family profile will now retrieve a player's e-signed forms from the AYSO archive if they are availbale. 

Volunteer Preferences (or 'Volunteer Registration')

While users are still required to review their contact information every season, the mechanism through which this is accomplished is now focused much more on their volunteer status than on their contact information:

Registration Requirements – Opening Registration

Registration start and end dates are configured in the Season Manager (Utilities → Control Panel → Season Manager tab). Multiple seasons may have registration open simultaneously. The Registration Season setting in the control panel is an additional indicator to inLeague of your "primary" registration season; for instance, if most of your families are registering for Spring 2018 but you want to open Fall 2018 early, you would set the Fall 2018 Registration Start date to today's date, but on the main control panel page, set (or keep) Spring 2018 as the Registration Season; all this does is set some default assumptions for the user experience. Because only one season at a time can be 'the' Registration Season, it is not required to set this value to open registration for any season; it is recommended to set it to the season for which most of your families will be registering.

Registration Requirements – Divisional Caps and Waitlists

The key concepts for how inLeague manages waitlists and division caps:

  • Wait-list registrations for inLeague are still fully paid, active registrations; they are merely flagged as waitlisted and not transmitted to AYSO National until they are either manually removed from the wait-list, or assigned to a team (which automatically removes them from the waitlist). Consequently, the National Fee is not charged for waitlisted players.
  • There is a season-wide "wait-list" date, after which all registrations will be flagged as wait-listed, regardless of division.
  • Every division has an optional cap for the number of players allowed, as well as an action to be taken when that number is reached. The division may be closed, which forbids any additional registration once the cap is reached, or it may roll over to wait-list status (whether or not the season-wide waitlist date is in effect); or the system can just ignore the cap and continue to register. Note that every division has a unique value for every season, both for the cap and the action to be taken, such that caps and close action need to be set for every new season. By default, inLeague will clone the previous season's caps and close actions.
  • Roster embargo dates work similarly to wait-list dates: There is a season-wide setting in the season manager after which coaches and parents may view rosters, but this date may be overridden on a per-competition, or even a per-competition, per-division basis. The system will always use the most specific value, e.g. a Fall 2018 B10U player in the competition Travel Program will check first for a B10U/Travel embargo date, then a Travel embargo date, and then a Fall 2018 embargo date. 

Registration Requirements – Player Eligibility

Every Season now has several additional registration-related options, configurable from the Season Manager in the Control Panel:

  • Volunteer Requirement per Family: You may select 0, 1, or 2 volunteer codes required per family as a pre-requisite to register players
  • Head Coach/Ref satisfies requirement: You may (optionally) specify that any user selecting a head coach or referee volunteer role will satisfy the requirement (e.g. if you require 2 codes per family but one user selects Head Coach, that will satisfy the requirement even though only one code is selected)
  • Enforce Coach/Ref Division Preferences: If these options are enabled, any user selecting a coach or referee role will be required to select at least one division preference. If these options are disabled, a user may select a coach or referee role without specifying a division preference (and they will subsequently appear on volunteer reports "without a division preference").
  • Eligibility Rules: You may assign an eligibility rule created in the Report Builder to a season. Only reports of volunteers may be used for registration; eligibility is determined according to whether or not any family member appears in the target eligibliity report (e.g. a report of users that were coaches or referees in the previous season assigned as an eligibility rule would allow for a Priority Registration period in which only families containing those users could register). 

If a family does not meet any of the requirements, a notification will appear at the top of the family profile page, and also as popup text over the registration button.

Registration Fees

The fee schedule for registration is still maintained by inLeague staff and requires their assistance for modification. This is done for several reasons:

  • Interface: While a simple fee-setting utility is trivial, there are so many variables and types of conditional fee changes that the interface to manage them all would be very cumbersome while inLeague staff can usually make the required changes very quickly.
  • Security: Your fee schedule will only be changed when an authorized user (commissioner or registrar) makes a request in writing. We ask that these requests be made with 2 business days' notice, though we are often able to accommodate them very quickly.
  • Testing: inLeague Staff are able to test each use case for your fee schedule before it goes live.

Registration Form Customization

While the standard AYSO registration form is fixed by inLeague staff, each league may add one or more custom questions or text via the Registration Configuration utility on the Utilities page. Questions and individual response options may be linked to one or more specific seasons, or gated based on the player's age, or even a custom field pre-set by a league administrator. Your fee schedule may then be tied to one or more oft these custom questions, but please contact inLeague staff before making changes to any fee-sensitive questions. 

Review: Checklist Prior to Registration Start

  • Fees: If your fee schedule has changed or you have a fee that depends on the date and the cutoffs for early bird or late registration have changed, be sure to contact support@inleague.org at least two business days in advance of registration opening. You can preview most (though not all) combinations of fees from the Reports menu under Division Assignment and Fee Table, which will show the fees by division for today, tomorrow, next week, and next month.
  • Custom Questions or Program Assignments: If you use the registration form to segregate players into different programs (e.g. core vs. travel), be sure to look at Registration Configuration under Utilities to be sure that any custom fields used to place players are looking at the correct season's value. If you're not sure, inLeague staff are available to review your registration form.
  • Division Placement and Caps: Prior to the start of every season, division status (active or inactive), waitlist status (close, waitlist, or do nothing), and caps for each division must be set in Division Setup. If they are not set, they will 'inherit' the previous season's value (e.g. Fall will inherit last Fall; Spring will inherit last Spring). This page governs which divisions are available for players to be placed in based on their gender and age group.
  • (Optional) Registration Season: While it isn't required to function, the Registration Season setting in the Control Panel will tweak the user experience and direct them to register for a particular season. This value should be set to the season in which most users will want to register; if you have more than one season open at a time, that's fine, but this value should be the "default" registration season.

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