inLeague recommends credit card payments whenever possible due to the on-line "paper trail" and the ease of issuing refunds. Nevertheless, occasions arise when it is desirable to hold in-person registrations and accept cash or checks, or else process a registration by mail along with a paper check.

Step 1: Get the registration into the system.

For an in-person registration, inLeague recommends configuring the season manager with the 'in-person' registration date. This will add an option on the registration payment page to pay by cash or check.

The procedure is the same whether or not your league has an in-person registration: complete the player registration as far as the payment page, and then stop. There is no difference between an unpaid registration for which a user clicked the 'pay by cash or check' option on an in-person registration date and a registration that was completed as far as the payment page and then abandoned: both registrations exist in the system as 'unregistered' and unpaid.

Step 2: Cash & Check Payments Function

Under the Administrators tab, select the Cash & Check Payments menu item.

By default, the cash/check function will only retrieve a list of players registered today -- this makes it easier for in-person registration cashiers to see a list of players who were registered at the in-person event. To process a cash/check payment for a registration made prior to today's date, select All Unregisterd Players and click Refresh Player List.

Select the player for whom you wish to process a cash or check payment and enter the fee paid and check number (if any). Batch Number is meant to record check batches for in-person registration events where many checks may be deposited in one batch -- if this does not apply to you, enter any value (e.g. 1) in the Batch Number field. 

You may also elect to send an email confirmation (enabled by default) and an additional message. Click Process Transaction and the cash/check payment will be recorded and the registration activated.

Team Payments

Receipts or credits on any non-credit-card medium may be recorded from the Payments and Accounting function on the Competitions menu. The category of payment types is intended to be as general as possible; (R) designates a regional or league payment (e.g. a league scholarship paid on behalf of player participating in a tournament) while (P) designates a parent or player contribution (a payment made directly by the player or on the player's behalf by a family member).

Events, Donations, and Sponsorships

inLeague does not support cash or check payments for events, donations, or sponsorships. 

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