This policy governs the usage of the inLeague Sports Management Suite Email system. It is current as of the Effective Date of March 5, 2019.

How It Works

When an email is sent through the email manager, the inLeague application transmits the message to an internal relay on inLeague's network. That relay re-transmits the message via Amazon's Simple Email Service to its intended recipients. The characteristics of an email sent in this fashion share many elements with bulk emails:

  • The 'reply-to' attribute is the sender of the email, such that selecting 'reply' or 'reply all' will send a message only to the logged-in user who sent the email
  • The 'from' address is not the sender, but inLeague's internal mail relay, Emails sent to this address will be discarded automatically.
  • All emails will indicate the intended recipient int he footer of the message.
  • All emails will have an 'opt out' link in the footer of the message. 
  • The 'path' of the email will show its delivery mechanism as Amazon's email service.

What It Costs

inLeague pays a nominal fee for every email sent through its system. Millions of emails are transmitted through the email manager every year. As of the Effective Date, inLeague absorbs this cost and does not pass it along to individual leagues.

Spam Filters, Bounces, and "Report Spam"

Because of the quantity of email inLeague sends and the manner in which we send it, inLeague email is regarded as bulk messaging by recipient email servers and several measures must be taken to combat these messages from being flagged as spam. Furthermore, should the rate of email bounces or complaints ("report spam") exceed a certain threshold, inLeague email will be throttled and possibly even rejected.

Consequently, inLeague will take action when it is notified by Amazon's automated service that an email has bounced or been flagged as spam:

  • If an email bounces because the recipient email server cannot deliver it, the relevant inLeague user account will be "opted out" of all email and their user record notated.
  • If a recipient "reports spam" on an email sent through inLeague, the relevant inLeague user account will be "opted out" of all email and their user record notated. Additionally, inLeague will send an automated message to the recipient that it has opted them out of all email.

Users who have "opted out" in this fashion may "opt in" by logging in to their inLeague account and editing their account details. Alternatively, a regional volunteer administrator or registrar may remove the 'opt out' flag.

Acceptable Use Restrictions

All email sent via the inLeague application must be directly relevant to the intended purpose of league management. To the extent that any determination on the relevance of a message to league management must be made, it shall be made by inLeague personnel. 

No persons shall be carbon-copied or blind-carbon-copied (CC/BCC) on any email unless they are known to the sender to be relevant stakeholders to league operations and the specific content of the email being sent. 

File Attachments

inLeague discourages the attachment of files to any email intended for more than a handful of recipients. Emails sent to large numbers of recipients should include links to a file hosted online.

League administrators may be permitted to attach files up to 4 megabytes to an outgoing email. All other users may be permitted to attach files up to 1 megabyte to an outgoing email. 

The author of the email assumes all responsibility and liability for the content of any attached files, including relevant copyright restrictions.

Violations of Acceptable Use

inLeague personnel reserve the right to terminate individual user access to the email manager without warning.

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