By default, users may self-select as referees and sign up for all divisions in all competitions. The Referee Setup function under the Competitions menu performs two primary functions:

  1. Define the number and name of the referee positions for each game, and
  2. Restrict access to any competition or any division in any competition based on user certification.

Defauilt Settings

The default setup for all competitions is that any referee volunteer may access the self-scheduler for the competition, that referees may remove their own pending assignments but not a confirmed assignment, and that every game has four defined referee positions (see below). 

It is possible to open up access to the referee scheduler to all volunteers (including non-referees) from the Other Settings tab.

'Trickle-down' Configuration: League --> Competition --> Division

All of the referee configuration options "trickle down" from a broad setting (league-wide) to the most specific setting (a single division in a single competition). For example, it is not necessary to configure every division in every competition individually: you should configure your primary competition and then select apply to all competitions in this region so that all divisions in all competitions will default to the same setup as your primary competition. You may then carve out exceptions -- e.g., U6 has no referees and U8 has only two referee slots per game -- on a per-competition basis.

In other words, always begin by configuring the competition without any divisional settings, and then add exceptions by division as needed.

Current Referee Positions - Scheduler Configuration

The first tab on the Referee setup page regulates the number and name of positions for which referees may sign up. By default, all competitions have four positions:

  1. Center (CR)
  2. Assistant Referee 1 (AR)
  3. Assistant Referee 2 (AR2)
  4. Mentor / Assessor (Shorthand is just 'Mentor')

You may configure entire competitions or just individual divisions within competitions to have between zero and four referee positions and you may re-name any of the positions. 

Access Restrictions

By default, all users may access the referee self-scheduler for all competitions. You may restrict access to the referee scheduler one of two ways:

  1. You may specify a list of certifications, any of which will enable a user that possesses it to access the competition, or
  2. You may specify individual users that can access the self-scheduler regardless of what certifications they possess. Note that this list "overrides" the certification requirement.

As with the referee position definitions, you may specify certification requirements or individual access on a competition basis and also on a divisional basis. Divisional settings are additive -- that is, a user must satisfy the competition-wide requirements as well as the divisional requirements. 

Additional Referee Options

Additional referee options are available under the competition setup function.

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