Access Required:

  • Competition managerTreasurerRegistrar, or Webmaster for administrative functions, adding credits or receipts, issuing refunds
  • Coaches and Division directors may view ledgers for their team(s)
  • Parents may make payments on behalf of their children and see how much they have paid during the season

Availability & Fees

Team-level accounting is available to all leagues subscribing to both the registration and team management modules. Competitions that collect fees online via credit card using the team-level accounting module are subject to a per-player charge (not added automatically).


The inLeague Team-level Accounting system provides a mechanism for fee collection and bookkeeping designed for tournament teams that have frequent but irregular expenses (e.g. a travel team that has to make referee deposits or pay tournament fees) as well as credits (parent, coach, or region contributions). Although it was originally called 'tournament accounting,' it can be used for any competition in which fees need to be collected or expenses tracked after players have already been assigned to a team.

Team-level accounting is a ledger-based system for tracking receipts and expenses in which a central administrator (either a competition manager or someone with treasurer, registrar, or webmaster access) may view and administer receipts and expenses for all teams while coaches and division directors can view the ledger and see the running balance for their teams and make check requests as expenses arise.

Activating Team-level Accounting - How and When to Turn it On

Team-level accounting is activated by either a webmaster or competition manager user on a per-competition basis by checking the 'enable team-level payments' and 'enable team-level accounting' option in the competition setup screen. The first option (team-level payments) adds a link to the team assignments display that enables logged-in users to submit payments on behalf of their players assigned to those teams; the second option enables administrative functions and reports related to those payments. You may disable 'enable team-level payments' once you are finished collecting funds for a competition and leave the accounting option for management tools.

It is not necessary to also mark the competition as a tournament -- even though the accounting system was designed for tournament travel teams, it can be used for any competition, tournament or not.

Configuring Fees

Fees may be paid by any user in a child's family profile after the child has been assigned to a team belonging to a competition with team-level payments enabled. Parents may make any number of payments throughout the season and the payment page will track the total amount they have paid, both for the competition and for the child. Fees may be configured in the competition manager as static or variable:

  • static fee is a fixed amount: all payments made for the selected competition will be set at the amount specified.
  • variable fee (specified by entering '0' in the 'payment amount' field) will permit parents to enter the amount amount to pay for each payment they make.
  • A brief message may be set for each competition to provide instructions to parents regardless of whether the fee is static or variable.

Tracking Credits and Expenses

Select Payments & Accounting from the Competitions menu. The top portion of this page, labeled Tournamnet Receipts and Charges, is a general-purpose input form for credits and receipts belonging to either or both of a tournament player or a tournament team. Payments and payment refunds made on-line via credit card are automatically entered into the appropriate team's ledger, but all other transactions are input via this screen.

The bottom portion of the page, labeled Team Accounting, will display a complete ledger for any one team (including a list of players who are assigned but have not made payments) or a full list of transactions for an entire competition.

Issuing Refunds and Re-allocating Payments

A transaction may be edited (and a credit card payment refunded) by clicking on the Amount field for an individual transaction. An administrator may issue a partial or full refund, leave a comment on the transaciton, or re-allocate the transaction to a different tournament team for any other player in the same family.

Making Team-level Payments - For Parents

A link to make a payment will appear next to a child's team assignment in the Family Profile under the 'Assignments' tab and on the 'team assignments' quick display on the login/home page.

Making Team-level Payments - For Coaches

Coaches have the option of making a 'coach contribution' to their team or teams from the Team Assignments display. Please note that coaches who have children on their team will not have this option.

Check Requests

Coaches may make check requests from the Teams page. Coaches may specify an amount to request and provide details for the requested check. Administrators may view a list of check requests and 'process' outstanding requests, which will automatically enter the appropriate amount into the team's ledger.

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