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  • The 'reply-to' attribute is the sender of the email, such that selecting 'reply' or 'reply all' will send a message only to the logged-in user who sent the email
  • The 'from' address is not the sender, but inLeague's internal mail relay, Emails sent to this address will be discarded automatically.
  • All emails will indicate the intended recipient int he footer of the message.
  • All emails will have an 'opt out' link in the footer of the message. 
  • The 'path' of the email will show its delivery mechanism as Amazon's email service.

What It Costs

inLeague pays a nominal fee for every email sent through its system. Millions of emails are transmitted through the email manager every year. As of the Effective Date, inLeague absorbs this cost and does not pass it along to individual leagues.