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Players whose family members are head coaches, co-coaches, or assistant coaches on teams in the player's division will may be automatically assigned to those teams regardless of rating (if desired).


  • Active team: A team that has been created by a division director or administrator and that has not been marked inactive under division management.
  • Competition: A single 'competition' or 'program' consists of one or more divisions with registered players in an active season. A player may have only one team assignment per season in each competition, e.g. one assignment in a 'Reagulr Season' competition and one assignment in a 'Travel teams' competition.
  • Player rating: A player's average overall rating across all seasons in the inLeague database for which they have a rating. Please note that only the overall rating is used, even if additional ratings are stored.
  • Age balancing: An option that will cause the team builder to try and distribute age groups evenly. With this option disabled, the team builder performs a single pass over all unassigned players and attempts to balance each team's average rating. With age balancing enabled, the team builder performs one pass per age group, such that evenly distributed ages will take precedence over balanced teams.