inLeague offers Head Coaches the ability to create Team Events, events visible only to players and parents of one team. Team Events is a useful feature to help Head Coaches schedule team practices or meetings and notify team families about upcoming events.

Creating a Team Event

Team Events can only be created by a team's Head Coach. Head Coaches can create a Team Event via a link found at the top of the Events Calendar, or by navigating to "Team Events" under the Teams menu option. The coach may choose whether the event is open to players, parents/staff, both players and parents, or closed. Note that in the case of a closed Team Event, the event will be visible to team users in their upcoming events calendar, however, no mobile push or email notifications will be sent when the event is created. 


When a Head Coach creates a new Team Event (except when choosing to keep signups closed), inLeague immediately contacts team parents via email and, if the parent has inLeague Mobile installed on their mobile device, a mobile push notification. If they event is open to parents/staff, then we also contact any team volunteers who do not have children on the team. Mobile notifications may take several minutes to propagate across Google and Apple networks, but typically team parents will receive the push notification almost instantaneously as the coach creates the new Team Event. Activating an inLeague Mobile notification will launch the inLeague Mobile app, prompt the user to sign in if necessary, display details of the Team Event and allow the user to RSVP. We will not send push notifications to users who opt-out via inLeague Mobile options menu, and we will not send emails or push notifications to users with an "inactive" inLeague profile.

RSVP Lists

Unlike regular inLeague events, Team Events expect participants to RSVP yes or no. We have created three ways for users to RSVP for Team Events quickly: via notification email, mobile app, and standard web interface. 

When a Head Coach creates a new Team Event, all team parents (and staff, if applicable) will receive an email from inLeague with information about the new event. The email contains links for the user to RSVP (attending or not-attending) without needing to sign in on the inLeague website. The link URL is unique for this event/user pair: If someone forwards their Team Event email, they give the recipient ability to mistakenly RSVP as the original user. The email text itself makes note of this to discourage users from forwarding their Team Event emails.

Users may also RSVP for their Team Events in the inLeague Mobile app for Android or iOS. Please note, only users with family members currently assigned to teams with existing upcoming Team Events will see the Team Events option in their app.

When using the mobile app or a notification email to RSVP for a Team Event, inLeague will apply the RSVP status to all of the user's family members associated with that team. For example, siblings on the same team will all be marked attending or not-attending together when their parent submits an RSVP. Users can also view Team Events in their events calendar on the regular inLeague website. Here, individual players and users can be marked attending or not-attending.

When the team's Head Coach views a Team Event, whether from the inLeague website or in inLeague Mobile, they will see an attendance list rather than the RSVP prompt seen by regular users. Only the Head Coach has access to this information. Please note that, at this time, the mobile app does not "poll" inLeague servers for updated team event information. Rather, the app fetches Team Events data at the time the user signs in, and this data is not updated until either the user signs in again or the app receives a push notification that a new Team Event has been created. Data viewed on the inLeague website is always updated in real-time whenever the browser is refreshed.


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