Players can be rated by coaches or division heads once per season. Their ratings stay with them for the duration of their time in the league and may be used in the team builder.

Required Player Rating

The Overall Player Rating is required by the system and must be numeric.  Other than that, leagues are free to specify their own player rating systems.

The Overall Player Rating is used in the automatic team builder to balance teams and in division-level reporting. Division heads and player administrators may view historical player ratings, but coaches can only enter or view ratings from the current season.

Custom Player Ratings

Each league can have up to 10 total player rating elements, each of which may be a numeric scale or a selection of predefined text values.  To set up the custom player ratings for your league, a webmaster-level user must go to the Player Ratings tab of the Control Panel.  

Coach and Divisional Ratings

While coaches are intended to enter player ratings, every division head has the ability to override a coach rating with a "regional" rating. A division director may override one or all of a player's ratings.

Locking a Player's Ratings

A division director can lock a particular player's ratings on the Rate Players page.  If a player is locked, his or her coach cannot edit the player's ratings.

Multiple Competitions, One Rating

Each player may have one and only one set of ratings per season. If a player belongs to more than one competition in which ratings are enabled, then each coach will have access to the same ratings input for the player. inLeague recommends disabling player ratings for all secondary competitions.

Ratings Entry Period

The period during which player ratings can be entered is controlled by the Season Manager tab of the Control Panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What ratings system should I use? What scale should I use?

A: In a volunteer-driven league, inLeague recommends asking coaches for a small number of ratings on a low scale, e.g. 1-4 or 1-5. The two main challenges for any league collecting player ratings are participation (getting all the coaches to input ratings) and consistency (trying to make a '3' mean the same thing from one team to the next and one season to the next). Employing a simple scale of four or five points makes it easier to both rate players and to read another coach's ratings. 

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