Beginning in September of 2020, inLeague has added the capability for all leagues to collect and enforce a daily COVID-related questionnaire applicable to all registered players and volunteers. Questionnaires can be submitted every day and are valid only for the day that they are submitted. They result in one of two outcomes:

  • Clearance: All players and volunteers in the family are clear to practice or play.
  • Flagged for Review: Some responses will flag a HealthAware questionnaire for review by the league. The questionnaire will be emailed to the league's HealthAware address on file and all volunteers and players in the family will appear to their coaches or team administrators as FLAGGED for that day.

Enabling HealthAware

League administrators with access to the control panel can enable the HealthAware option at the bottom of the league setting section. It is highly recommended that you provide an email address for flagged questionnaires; otherwise, there will be no notification when a questionnaire is flagged.

How It Works: One Questionnaire per Family

Every inLeague user will have a COVID HEALTHAWARE QUESTIONNAIRE button on the top of their navigation bar on every inLeague page. Mobile devices will have the same button on the accordion menu:

HealthAware Questionnaire Link

Submitting Questionnaires

Every questionnaire consists of several Yes/No questions along with an electronic signature..

  • When a user submits a questionnaire, he or she does so on behalf of all players and volunteers in all families to which that user belongs.
  • It is not possible to update or revise a questionnaire for a particular day after it has been submitted.
  • It is not possible to submit one set of answers for one player or volunteer in a family, and a different set of answers for another player or volunteer (with the exception of users belonging to multiple families; see below)
  • The name on the electronic signature must match exactly the name of the logged-in user; it is displayed at the top of the questionnaire. 

After a questionnaire has been submitted, you may retrieve the results (and a proof of your "valid" status) by returning to the HealthAware questionnaire from the button available on every page.

Reviewing Questionnaire Status for a Team

Coaches, assistant coaches, and team administrators have access to a HealthAware summary report for all volunteers and players assigned to their team(s), as well as referees assigned to any games that day. These HealthAware Daily Status reports are available from a notification box as soon as you login, and also from the Team Rosters menu (where regular rosters and line-up cards are found).

The team summary report will indicate whether some, all, or none of the players or volunteers on your team are "clear" for today's date. It will distinguish between volunteers or players that have simply not submitted a questionnaire and those who have but whose results were flagged.

  • You must be assigned to a team as a coach or a team administrator in order to access the HealthAware summary report for your team(s).
  • You must be a current, registered AYSO volunteer (with a completed background check) to access any team functions as a coach or team administrator, including the HealthAware report.
  • Your team must not be under an embargo.
  • The team summary report will not indicate why an individual player or volunteer was flagged; only that they were.

Administrators: Reviewing Flagged Questionnaires and Marking them Resolved

Every notification email sent for a flagged questionnaire contains a link to review the questionnaire. Users with registrar-level permissions may elect to resolve a flagged questionnaire, which renders it valid for the team status report (but retains the original flagged status in the archive).  Administrators may be a list of all flagged or resolved questionnaires from the link in any flagged questionnaire notification email.

Volunteers Belonging to Multiple Families

Whenever you submit a HealthAware questionnaire, you do so on behalf of every family to which you belong. If you belong to more than one household and that is represented within inLeague by more than one family profile, you may need to take extra steps if the two families would have different results. Please note that you yourself will be flagged even if only one of your families is flagged.

If one household needs to submit separate results, have a user belonging only to the family submitting passing results for submit their questionnaire first; the results will be saved and the family members and players in that family will be clear. If you submit your results first, it will cover both families.

inLeague Mobile

The current inLeague mobile app is in a feature freeze while an all-new replacement is under development for early 2021. Unfortunately, this means that we are not able to make HealthAware available through our mobile app at this time. However, the web versions of both the HealthAware questionnaire and Team Status page are mobile-friendly and can be easily accessed via a mobile browser.

Editing HealthAware Questions

League administrators have a limited ability to edit the HealthAware questionnaire. The text of the questions may be edited; the desired responses may not be.

Editing Existing Questions

Webmaster-level users may select the 'edit page content' button from the daily HealthAware questionnaire page on their own account, whether or not they have completed the questionnaire that day. All of the relevant text is editable using the content editor.

Expected Answers

The first question must be answered Yes; all other questions must be answered No. This is the case whether or not the question text is edited, so please keep in mind that any questionnaire with answers other than 'Yes' to the first question and 'No' to all other questions will be flagged.

Adding Questions

By default, leagues have four yes/no questions; a fifth exists but is not displayed because the question text has no content. Use Edit Page Content and edit Q5 so that it has text, and the question will automatically become active.

Removing Questions

To remove a question, use Edit Page Content and edit HTML of the underlying question so that it has no text at all. Do not use the rich-text editor, as this can leave HTML in the result even if there is no text. 

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