Introduction & Definitions

Registration projections rely on historical data in the inLeague database to predict the number of players and drops in each division.


In this example, we enter July 1, 2012 as the date to use as our basis to project registration totals for the Fall 2012 season.The following information is collected from the database:

The numebr of projected players per division is determined by taking the total number currently registered plus the difference between last year's total and the number registered last year as of July 1, 2011, with all of last year's drops subtracted from that total, e.g.

Players Registered as of 7/1/2012 + (Players registered by the end of Fall 2011 - Players registered as of 7/1/2011 - (Total drops from 2011 - Drops as of 7/1/2012)

Core and Supplementary Teams per Competition

core competition is the league's primary program in which most registered players are meant to participate. A supplementary competition is any competition that is an alternative (also known as 'side-by-side') to the core competition(s) -- that is, players paticipate in either a core competition or a supplementary competition, but not both. Many leagues may not have supplementary competitions.

Competitions which are neither core nor supplementary, e.g. holiday or post-season tournaments, should not be selected for registration projections.

Projections will attempt to determine the number of teams for core and supplementary competitions based on the number of teams in supplementary competitions in the previous season, e.g.

Adjustments and Corrections

Given the variety of league and division structures, it can be difficult for the system to make enough valid assumptions about how your league is structured to produce accurate projections. The projections report is meant to be downloaded into Excel for further manipulation.