20th Anniversary Edition: YES

The information on this page applies to transactions in the 20th anniversary edition. This document will be migrated to the inLeague Community guide.


Scholarship Discounts allow a league to provide a discount to on-line registration, team, and/or event payments made for specific players or for any member of a recipient family.


Access Required

Only registrar and webmaster-level users can add or remove scholarship discounts.


To add or remove a scholarship from a family, access the User Editor under the Administrators tab and search for any adult in the family to which you would like to add a scholarship. Access the adult's user record and select the Scholarships tab. You will see a list of all adults and children in that user's family.

To add or remove a scholarship from an individual player, access the Player Editor and search for the player to whom you would like to add a scholarship. Note that you can only add scholarships to players with existing registrations in the system - though the registration does not have to be current. To give a scholarship to a new player that has never been registered, you must (for now) grant the scholarship to the family by accessing one of the parent records.

If a scholarship already exists, you may remove it and then add a new one. If a scholarship does not exist, you can specify whether you want a 'flat' (dollar amount) discount or the inLeague-recommended percentage-off discount.

Check the box next to registration payments, team payments, and/or event payments as deired. Scholarships will only apply to tournament payments with fixed amounts and not 'variable' payments, since any dollar amount can be entered for a variable tournament payment.


Q: Is it possible to apply a 100% discount and make registration or events with fees free of charge?

A: Yes - it is now possible to permit 'zero fee' registrations.

Q: Do scholarships 'stack' with event coupons?

A: (Prior to 2021) Yes. After 2021 and the inLeague Two app release, scholarships "become" coupons and only the "best" coupon will be applied.

Q: Is it possible to apply different scholarship rates to the three kinds of payments, e.g. a 10% discount for registration payments but a 20% discount for tournament payments?

A: Not at this time. Please contact your inLegaue regional liaison if this feature would be useful to your league!

Q: If both the family and an individual player within the family have a scholarship, are they added together? Which one is used?

A: A player-specific scholarship will always be used if it exists and discounts are not added together. Even if a player has a player-specific scholarship, however, the system will still check for a family scholarship if the player's does not apply. For instance, if the family has an Event payment discount but the player has only a registration discount, the family scholarship will apply to events the player signs up for even though the player's scholarship does not specify an event discount.