This guide provides a general overview of common tasks performed by division directors. Be sure to consult your regional board for information specific to your league.

Getting Division-level Access to inLeague

You must be assigned to one or more divisions by a volunteer administrator or registrar. Once assigned, you will retain division director access until it is removed. Division Director access does not need to be renewed every season (unlike coach access).

If you have division director access to one or more divisions, you will see a Divisions menu on the horizontal navigation menu, and the Teams menu will have several additional options beyond the team rosters available to coaches.

Creating Teams (or setting teams inactive)

Location: Teams menu, 'Add or Edit Teams'

Once a team is created, it does not need to be re-created every season; it will always be available within inLeague. If you created a team for a previous season that you do not need for the current season, you may set it inactive (or reactivate a team previously set inactive). Inactive teams will not appear for player assignments or game scheduling. This is distinct from the notion of active in season in the report builder, which refers to a team that has players assigned to it; without the 'in season' designation, a team is either active or not, and the field is not seasonal.

On Team Names vs. Designations

Teams are typically displayed with some combination of the following:

  • division prefix is almost always prepended (e.g. B8)
  • designation, which is a short, numeric (or alphaunmeric) identifier. (e.g. 01)
  • A cosmetic team name, either by a coach or a division director (e.g. The Mighty inLeagues)
  • The last name of the head coach(es) (e.g. Smith)

Examples of how teams may be displayed:

  • B8-01 – (prefix and designation)
  • B8-01 (Smith) – (prefix, designation, and head coach's name)
  • B8-01 (The Mighty inLeagues) 

When you create or edit teams, you only specify the designation.  The division prefix is automatically assigned, and the coach names are also automatic when coaches are assigned to the teams (below). The cosmetic team name may vary from season to season.

Assigning Coaches and Staff to Teams ('team-level' assignments)

Location: Teams menu, 'Add or Edit Teams'

There are three roles built in to inLeague that convey access to teams for the duration of the season. They are:

  • Head Coach (or Co-Coach; these are functionally identical)
  • Assistant Coach
  • Team Administrator

These assignments are called team-level (as opposed to division-  or league- level) and they persist only for the duration of the season in which they are assigned, such that the Head Coach of B8-01 for Fall 2016 will not have access to Fall 2015 or Fall 2017 rosters or contact information unless the coach is assigned for those seasons as well.

League administrators may configure additional options related to team-level assignments in their control panel:

  • Referees may be designated as a team-level assignment for leagues that track "team referees." Such assignments do not convey any special access but team referees will appear on some rosters.
  • Additional, custom volunteer roles (called 'flex' roles) within each league may be designated as "assignable" to teams.. Assigning volunteers in these roles is a record-keeping function only and does not convey system access to the team.
  • Head coaches may be permitted to assign assistant coaches and flex volunteer roles. If this option is enabled, the menu icon under Teams available to head coaches will read Team Volunteer Assignments instead of Coach Assignments.


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