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General Information and Support Contacts

This page provides general information and contact points for inLeague volunteers navigating the AYSO Volunteer Membership Program. If you are a registrar or CVPA, please consult the official inLeague documentation for the Volunteer Membership Program.

For answers to frequently asked questions concerning the Verified Volunteers Process (e.g. 'my name or Date of Birth is incorrect') see the FAQ section below. For all other questions or concerns, please contact your regional registrar or CVPA. inLeague Support cannot assist with individual volunteer records. Your volunteer record belongs to your league and your regional board will involve inLeague if there is a technical problem with which we can assist.

Registrar & Regional Contact Information by League

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Middle Name is missing from Verified Volunteers. Will this interfere with my background check?

A: No. It is important that your first and last names are correct, and that your middle name is not attached to either your first name or your last name field. You may supply a middle name from your user account page, but it is not required.

Q: My date of birth, first name, last name, or last four digits of my SSN are incorrect. Who should I contact?

A: Your regional registrar can correct your first or last name. Changing your date of birth or your SSN requires that the registrar "reset" your volunteer record, which will re-start the AYSO Volunteer Membership process and permit you to re-enter your DOB and SSN. Your registrar cannot enter these for you.

Q: Why do all users have to enter their date of birth into inLeague, even if they are not volunteering?

A: The distinction within AYSO between youth volunteers and regular volunteers requires inLeague to know whether a user is over 18 before presenting any volunteer options. Youth volunteers go through a different volunteer registration process; it is identical (on the inLeague side) to the regular volunteer membership process, but it skips the Verified Volunteers background check. 

Q: Why is inLeague prompting me to enter a password for a family member that has not logged in for many years?

A: AYSO requires a valid, encrypted password from all volunteers to support their single-sign-on system with AYSOU and other National systems. inLeague last updated its password encryption scheme in 2013-14; any user created before then who has not logged in since then does not have a valid password. inLeague will prompt a family member to enter a new password for these user accounts.

Q: Who should I contact if I have a problem with inLeague or Verified Volunteers that isn't listed here? 

A: You should contact your regional registrar or CVPA, and if assistance is required from the National Office or inLeague support, your registrar or CVPA will contact them. Do not contact Blue Sombrero or the AYSO National Office without first contacting your region.

Q: Why does Verified Volunteers tell me to contact Blue Sombrero for support?

A: The AYSO Volunteer Membership Program is new for Membership Year 2019 and represents an unprecedented integration between four organizations: AYSO, Verified Volunteers, Blue Sombrero, and inLeague. Conducting a Level 2 background check for thousands of volunteers and the associated bookkeeping and automation has been a tremendous effort on the part of development and management teams in all four groups. The process and messaging are evolving and we expect that inLeague regions will be directed to this page (rather than Blue Sombrero) before long. 

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