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What is TeamSnap?

Like inLeague, TeamSnap is a web-based service designed to facilitate sports leagues. While inLeague is primarily focused on the league level (registration, management, and scheduling), TeamSnap is focused on the team level -- coaches, players, and families. inLeague and TeamSnap have partnered so that team, roster, and schedule data created using inLeague can be automatically sent to TeamSnap for use by coaches and parents.

League Setup and Pricing

As of Fall 2014, leagues must contact TeamSnap sales to set up a league-wide service plan. In the future, we expect to enable individual coaches to subscribe to any of TeamSnap's monthly plans for their team(s). 

Setting Up Your Team(s)

inLeague will synchronize team, roster, and coach data with TeamSnap when the following conditions are met:

  • Coaches and/or team administrators must be assigned to the team
  • Players must be assigned to the team
  • The team roster must not currently be embargoed.

Once these conditions are met, inLeague will automatically link up with TeamSnap and transmit via secure and encrypted link the records for the team, coach(es), players, and contact information for the users listed as Parent 1 and Parent 2 in the players' family profiles. At this stage, the data is effectively dormant: nothing is publicly available via TeamSnap, and even family members of players on the team cannot yet access TeamSnap. A coach or team administrator must log in to inLeague and request an invitation to configure access to the TeamSnap data.

Invitations: Coaches and Team Administrators

While logged into inLeague, select the Teams menu and look for an option labeled TeamSnap Setup. If you do not see that option, then your team may still be embargoed, or else TeamSnap functionality may be temporarily disabled. 

On the TeamSnap Setup page, click the Send Invitation(s) button and you should receive an email from TeamSnap for every team with which you are associated. Follow the instructions in that email; if you do not already have a TeamSnap account, you will be asked to make one. If you already have one, you will be asked to log in so that your account will be granted access to the team data. If you coach more than one team, you will receive multiple emails: follow the same, short procedure in each email and your TeamSnap account will be able to 'see' all of your inLeague teams.

Once you have signed into TeamSnap and completed this process, you are now considered a Team Manager and may invite parents and family members. 

Invitations: Parents

Parents of players must be invited by a coach or team administrator. Once you complete the above process for your team, you may sign into TeamSnap and access your Team's roster. Each player will have an entry that looks like this:

TeamSnap Roster Sample

Please note that, while the 'Invite to Join' button appears beneath the player's name, the invitation will be sent to the parent. inLeague never sends any communication directly to players. If the player is over 13 years of age, you may add them as a separate contact to your TeamSnap roster, but inLeague will not ever supply a player's email address to TeamSnap automatically. 

The parent(s) on file will be sent an invitation email very similar to the one sent to coaches and team administrators. Please note that, by default, all parent contact information - address, email address, and telephone number - are not visible to anyone other than coaches and team administrators. Coaches may indicate within TeamSnap whether contact information for parents may be shared with other parents. Coach contact information is shared with all team members by default, but coaches may set this information private inside of TeamSnap if desired.

Changes in Team Assignments

If a coach or a player is removed from a team within inLeague, they will also be removed from the team on TeamSnap's side. Any access to the TeamSnap team will be cancelled, even if the original assignment is restored. The new assignment will be treated by TeamSnap as a new one; coaches and team admin must repeat the invitation process above, while parents must be invited by a team manager through TeamSnap's interface.

Updates to Data: inLeague to TeamSnap but not Vice Versa

As a general rule, important data that is updated within inLeague will be sent to TeamSnap: this includes roster changes, changes to the Team's name or colors, and uniform assignments. Changes made in TeamSnap will not be reflected within inLeague. For instance, if you add a player to your roster in TeamSnap, or if you schedule a game, those changes will not be reflected in your official inLeague rosters or game schedules.

Team, roster, and game data is synchronized automatically from inLeague to TeamSnap. We recommend that any changes be made from inLeague to insure that everyone has the same information, regardless of which system they are using.

Using TeamSnap

While you can log in to TeamSnap from, inLeague recommends installing the TeamSnap mobile app:



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Whom do I contact to set up TeamSnap?

A: If you are a board member or administrator and you would like to set up TeamSnap for your league, please contact If you are a coach or parent, please contact your division head or league administrator.

Q: Whom do I contact for support?

A: For TeamSnap guides and support, please refer to their help and contact us page. Please note that inLeague support staff are not able to help with TeamSnap functions outside of getting data from inLeague to TeamSnap! inLeague personnel do not have access to your TeamSnap account and are not permitted to use your TeamSnap login.

If you are a league administrator and have questions about synchronization between inLeague and TeamSnap, you may contact inLeague Support at

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