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  • You must be assigned to a team as a coach or a team administrator in order to access the HealthAware summary report for your team(s).
  • You must be a current, registered AYSO volunteer (with a completed background check) to access any team functions as a coach or team administrator, including the HealthAware report.
  • Your team must not be under an embargo.
  • The team summary report will not indicate why an individual player or volunteer was flagged; only that they were.

Administrators: Reviewing Flagged Questionnaires and Marking them Resolved

Every notification email sent for a flagged questionnaire contains a link to review the questionnaire. Users with registrar-level permissions may elect to resolve a flagged questionnaire, which renders it valid for the team status report (but retains the original flagged status in the archive).  Administrators may be a list of all flagged or resolved questionnaires from the link in any flagged questionnaire notification email.

Volunteers Belonging to Multiple Families