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You may create and manage invoices from the Competitions menu* . under the selection Invoice Template Management.    The previous (but still active) team payment system remains accessible under the Legacy Team Accounting option.

Invoice Templates, Invoice Instances, and Recipient Management


  • Invoice label, or short name
  • Invoice description (for all payers)
  • Amount due (prior to discounts)
  • Contact email
  • Merchant account to process payments
  • Season relevant to the invoice
  • Optional payment schedules

* Why is Invoice Management under the Competitions Menu?

In late 2019, inLeague will revisit the layout and navigation for the entire application. In the meantime, it didn't make sense to add an entirely new 'Payments' menu with only one or two selections; and the legacy, 'team payments' module was already on the Competitions menu. As the new payments system becomes more integrated with existing tools, we anticipate a different