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To segregate donations or sponsorships into separate accounts, please contact inLeague Support.

Fall 2019 Ecommerce Update: Chaning How Parents Pay with Invoice Templates and

  • As of Fall 2019, inLeague's payment system had processed about $44,000,000.
  • While inLeague has never had any 'data leak' incidents, security standards evolve and inLeague had an opportunity to improve both the customer experience and embrace current best practices for handling customer data.
  • While the previous payment system is reliable, it doesn't support recurring transactions.
  • inLeague's previous recommended merchant services account, Flagship, was purchased by Paysafe, and Paysafe encourages all their customers to migrate from the FirstData payment gateway to inLeague was already familiar with, which was the runner up when inLeague last investigated payment gateways in 2012.
  • See Account Configuration for details on setting up and managing your Merchant Services and Payment Gateway accounts.

Enter Authorize.Net, owned by Visa, fulfills the same functions as FirstData, and they have the most customers of any payment gateway. Leagues who have used both and FirstData reported that the customer experience for the merchant account holder was superior with 

Does this matter to the typical inLeague user?

Yes, because the payment experience is changing. Instead of entering credit card information into inLeague, parents will get a Manage Payment Profiles button that will open a small, mobile-friendly window directly onto, where inLeague will automatically and seamlessly create a user profile for each inLeague user. Parents can enter one or more credit cards into their secure profile, and the only data that inLeague saves is a unique code for their profile; that code is useless outside of transactions made for the league.  Parents will not have to log in separately to; they will be automatically authenticated on the basis of their existing inLeague login.

When inLeague users need to submit a payment, they will see a list of their payment methods on an inLeague payment form, and simply select the one they want to use. As far as the user is concerned, it appears as though inLeague is saving more payment-related information than it did previously, because users will not have to re-enter their billing details for every transaction; in fact, it is saving less.

Will all inLeague payments use the new system?

For the Fall 2019 launch, only the new Invoice Templates system will use (and require) the new accounts.  Registration, team payments, event payments, and donations will all be retrofitted shortly thereafter, such that by the end of 2019, all inLeagues should have successfully migrated to