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Both registrars and webmasters may impersonate any other account in the system from the user editor. Impersonation allows a registrar or webmaster-level user to temporarily switch their login to another user's perspective so that they can access inLeague in the same manner that another user does. The impersonation feature enables this 'login-switching' without having to be aware of or to reset another user's password.

Other Roles:


Treasurer, Data Reader, Event Administrator, Scholarship Administrator

Treasurer grants access to tournament accounting and tournament refunds (though not standard registration refunds) as well as the region-wide financial report.

Data Reader may run any report from the report center, but has no other access.

Scholarship Administrator may look up player records to add, edit, or remove scholarships from families or players.

Event Administrator may create, edit, or delete any event, as well as add or remove any user or player to an event.

Removing Access Roles

All access roles can be removed from the same utility used to grant them. Most roles (excluding coach, division director, and chief referee) can also be removed from the Authorizations Center, which will show all users with a specified access level.