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  • Q: I edited a user's record to make them eligible to coach according to the rule I set up and I don't want to wait four hours for them to gain access to their team. Can I force the report to refresh?
  • A: We will be adding support for a manual refresh very soonYes! Go to the Report Center and expand the Eligibility Rules section. Find the eligibility rule you want to refresh and select the Refresh option.

  • Q: Who (if anyone) can circumvent eligibility rules?
  • A: Rules only apply to access granted to user from a coach assignment. If the division head of BU10 is also a coach in BU10 and is made ineligible, he or she will retain access to all teams in BU10 through the division director role. If the division head of BU10 is a coach in BU8, however, he or she will not retain access to that team.