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inLeague is in regular communication with the AYSO National Office and is working closely with National Staff to facilitate operational and technology strategy as the situation develops.  Please see your league's home page and for more information.

Services Available to Leagues


inLeague Seasonal Refund Policy: Please be advised that inLeague seasonal feel will apply to all registered players, whether or not they are dropped or refunded.  We regret the necessity for this policy and would not ordinarily countenance an inability to refund fees for a registration that does not result in a child on the field playing soccer: that is the business we are in, after all. Every small business faces a struggle to meet their obligations in the face of a global epidemic, and inLeague is no different. As we anticipate a steep drop in development revenue, our per-player seasonal fees will enable to us reduce the impact on our staff and their families.  We are grateful for your understanding and cooperation.

inLeague Billing & Payment Policy

inLeague billing and payment policies are governed by Section 2 of your Operating Agreement and have not changed. What has changed is that we are now obliged to enforce these policies. In the event that any item on an invoice is disputed, it must be disputed within the time frame specified by your operating agreement.  Late fees cannot be waived. We fully expect to return to our historically more accommodating approach as soon as we are able to do so!