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inLeague automatically synchronizes all volunteer certifications in all categories with the AYSO National database.

How It Works: Regularly Scheduled Updates for All Registered AYSO Volunteers

  • When a new region is added to inLeague, we retrieve the last three years' of certification history for all AYSO IDs, whether or not the volunteers have registered from inLeague yet.
  • The first time a user registers as a volunteer within inLeague and their record is sent to AYSO, inLeague retrieves a complete certification history (whether within three years or not) for their AYSO ID and saves all certifications found to the inLeague database.
  • Once a day, inLeague retrieves a list of all volunteer certifications created or updated since the previous day. 

My Volunteer Certifications on the inLeague Home Page

Volunteer certifications are displayed on the user dashboard page, along with the date of the last synchronization with AYSO. While there is a refresh button that will force an individual synchronization for an AYSO ID, this should no longer be necessary as all volunteers are checked daily.

All volunteer certification updates are logged in the system log tab of the user editor, whether the certification record is brand new or updated (e.g. a previous certification has a new date, or a provisional certification was marked no longer provisional).

Viewing Sync Status, Provisional Certifications, and Removing Certifications

Volunteer administrators and registrars may see the most recent certification synchronization date in the user editor on the certifications tab. They may also trigger a manual update on that page. 

Certifications may still be added directly from inLeague. They will continue to be marked as provisional, and if the same certification is found in the AYSO database, inLeague will update our record and remove the provisional flag.

Updated for Spring 2020

Prior to May 2020, inLeague submitted each individual user every 72 hours. inLeague could only check once per three days because an individual submission was required for each user record, and even with 72 hours between synchronizations, inLeague was submitting thousands of record requests per day. AYSO now provides a mechanism to check for all certifications by region created since a particular date such that inLeague no longer has to check every individual record on a regular basis. 

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