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..., owned by Visa, fulfills the same functions as FirstData, and they have the most customers of any payment gateway. Leagues who have used both and FirstData reported that the customer experience for the merchant account holder was superior with

Does this matter to the typical inLeague user?


Impact on inLeague Users

The payment experience is changingboth more secure and more convenient. Instead of entering credit card information into an inLeague form, parents will get a Manage Payment Profiles button that will open a small, mobile-friendly window directly onto, where inLeague will automatically and seamlessly create a user profile for each inLeague user. Parents can enter one or more credit cards into their secure profile, and the only data that inLeague saves is a unique code for their profile; that code is useless outside of transactions made for the league.  Parents will not have to log in separately to; they will be automatically authenticated on the basis of their existing inLeague login.


Has any functionality from FirstData been lost?

There are two side-effects that are not specifically limitations with, but rather consequences of heightened security measures.

1. It is not possible to make a payment when impersonating a user. Because the payment profiles are attached to the logged-in user that creates them, a genuine login is needed to insure that the person accessing the payment form should be able to initiate a charge. There may be workarounds should issues arise from this limitation; please contact inLeague support for more information.

2. Anonymous (non-logged-in) users are no longer able to make donations. This is not an limitation specifically, but rather a policy change to bring our payment forms in line with industry standards. It is difficult to continue to support the ability for anyone on the public Internet to submit a credit card number against a merchant account. This feature was only used a few times per year. It is possible to bring back a secure mechanism for anonymous donations, but the development required was beyond the scope of this project.